How We Work

Being a service that values transparency of all business processes, we make sure our customers know what happens at every stage of cooperation with us. This page will tell you in detail how the delivery of services is organized and how much involvement is required from you. We hope it will help you decide whether our cooperation will be productive. As for us, we are sure it will!

Main stages of cooperation process:

  • order processing
  • writer assignment
  • work on the paper
  • quality assurance
  • follow-up check

Let’s take a closer look at what happens at each of these stages and what principles guide us in the course of service delivery.

Order processing

Two key values we stick to in the course of order processing are attentiveness to details and fast work. The former is necessary to make sure that no detail that concerns your paper goes unnoticed. The latter protects our clients against missed deadlines.

Writer assignment

When your order requirements have been processed, we proceed to the next stage – finding a writer to work on it. All our writers are:

  • qualified
  • experienced
  • fast-working
  • diligent

Therefore, no matter whom you are assigned, we guarantee that he/she will be a high-level expert. If you want to make sure you get a top specialist, you are free to use the top writer option available in the Ordering Form.

The writer is assigned based on appropriate qualifications and the ability to fulfill the order as fast as required by the customer.

Work on the paper

The actual writing is conducted under your supervision. We have a special dashboard tool for all interactions between you and the writer. In the course of writing, you can get in touch with them and keep tabs on the progress.

We encourage such communication as it usually improves the final result. However, if you prefer to stay away entirely, you can simply forget about your paper right until the deadline. When your paper is ready, you will receive a notification and a link to your completed paper.

Quality assurance

We have an entire department that checks papers for their compliance with customer requirements, writing standards, and originality. It is also where the final touches are applied to your paper. After multiple checks have been run on your paper, you can be sure that it contains no plagiarized content and thus poses no risks.

Follow-up check

We offer free revisions for you to control the final result. Even though we do everything possible to make sure that it meets customer requirements in full, we leave room for chance.

That is, if you think that some amendments are to be made to your paper, you can have them made free of charge. The number of revisions is unlimited as long as no more than 30 days have passed since the paper was delivered to you.

Here, at, we value transparency, high quality, and professionalism. If you share these values too, then we are bound to find a lot of things in common.